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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Implementing PACER & CM/ECF Comes With a Price to Pay (Besides Fees)

From examiner.com: "By installing PACER AND CM/ECF, the US courts introduced a sea change in operations of the courts, with no legal foundation.” In a paper entitled “Notice of Electronic Filing,” Joseph Zernik writes, “The authority for implementation of CM/ECF is often cited as the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, which allow Local Rules of Court. However, the implementation....was not via Local Rules of Court.” Zernik goes on to note that “the detailed rules of implementation of PACER and CM/ECF at the Central District of California, for example, were only provided in an ‘Unofficial Manual’...”

“This is the biggest shell-game fraud in the history of the legal process,” states Zernik.

Large Scale Shell Game Fraud by the US Courts Docketing Systems - PACER & CM/ECF

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